(PERSONAL NOTE/ DESPIECE in Spanish)/ A Cristina G. Rodero photograp inspire for “Blancanieves” (2012)


España Oculta,Cristina García Rodero

Carlos Berger, director of “Blancanieves” (2012), inspired his film on a Cristina García Rodero photo of her “España Oculta” exhibition. In which appear a group of dwarf bullfighter with his suited lights, monteras and capes.

 After seeing the film we have realized that Carlos Berger not only inspired his film with this photo but also he has included more photographs of Cristina García Rodero in scenes to make sense to his film. A picture which becomes in a scene, only one picture cans create something so beauty. It seems to be impossible Carlos Berger doesn’t notice in other photographer to his film who isn’t Cristina García Rodero. This photographer has portrayed the Spanish idiosyncrasy, its people, its costumes, the deepest Spain.

Imagen sacada de Blancanieves (2012)

Imagen sacada de Blancanieves (2012)

“Blancanieves” is a good example to explain that we can understand a movie without words, a photograph without explanations. The people who make it possible in a movie are , apart from the director of the movie, the director of photography and their team. The director of photography in “Blancanieves” is Kiko de la Rica who has participated with the same position in 36 films since 1991. As “Lucía y el Sexo” (2001), “Mataharis 73” (2003) (another movie of Pablo Berger), “Los crímenes de Oxford” 2008), “Balada triste de trompeta” (2010) or  “La chispa de la Vida” (2011) among others.

If you want to see the trailer of Blancanieves, press here:








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