Cristina García Rodero: Costumbrista photojournalism

Cristina García Rodero is a Spanish photojournalist and photographer who was born in Puerto Llano, Ciudad Real, in 1949. She has a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Madrid. Her photojournalism work is based on reports with a very personal viewpoint.

In 2005, she joined in Magnum photography agency and she became a full member in 2009. She is the only Spanish photographer who belongs to this agency and she is the fourth woman of Magnum Agency. Cristina G. Rodero has won seventeen photography awards from 1985 to 2011, including the “Premio Nacional de Fotografía” in Spain in 1996.  She has published seven books, among others “España Oculta” (1989).

Her first book is named “España Oculta” and it is the main reason I’m writing about her life. I think this publication it’s a perfect book where the Spanish costumes, people and idiosyncrasy are reflected. “España Oculta” won the “Book of the Year Award” at the Arles Festival of Photography. The photographs were taken from 1975 to 1988 and they gave to Cristina G. Rodero the “Premio Nacional de Fotografía (Spain) in 2005, Fotopres Award of Caixa and Eugene Smith Award of Humanistic photography of Nueva York.

La confesión. Saavedra (Lugo). 1980. Una de las fotografías del libro España oculta. / C. G. R. Obteined from

La confesión. Saavedra (Lugo). 1980. Una de las fotografías del libro España oculta. / C. G. R. Obteined from

Religión en Zaragoza, Claudia Salete

Religión en Zaragoza, Claudia Salete

The photographs of “España Oculta” exhibition are exposed in black and white which gives them a very special atmosphere. We realized it’s incredible the fieldwork of Cristina Rodero because she knows what is the action and she shoot a photo. Spanish people are the protagonist of the country and they make a sense of the costumes. “I tried to photograph the mysterious soul, true and magic of popular Spain, with his passion, love, humor, tenderness, rage, pain, with its truth, and the most intense moments in life and full of character, as simple as irresistible, with all its inner strength, a personal challenge that gave me strength and understanding and I invested in my heart”, Cristina García Rodero says. This photograph has done a deep research on rituals, beliefs and customs. Her work is the most important visual documentation of folklore and religious rites of our country and where art and sociology be joined. Spanish people are the protagonisst of her pictures, whitout the her photographs don’t have any sense.

 Firstly, I have chosen Cristina García Rodero because I consider she makes a wonderful fieldwork and she doesn’t stay at the base and she knows how to get beyond and transfix the photography and arriving directly to the viewer. Secondly, from my point of view I think Cristina García Rodero photographs, above all she did in villages, are grotesque but they aren’t caricatures. She shows the deep Spain but without ideological prejudges.

Ruido divino, Claudia Salete

Ruido divino, Claudia Salete

A personal note about this photographer :

A Cristina G. Rodero photograp inspire for “Blancanieves” (2012)




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